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For My Colleagues

County Case Search and Status Form; formats: WordPerfect, Word, HTML
(I use this form in WordPerfect, and save as HTML so I can use a link in my Web browser to open it directly)

Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area Probate Courts Guidelines
This is an ongoing project to compile tips and instructions for practicing in Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant County probate courts.
Please feel free to download, turn on Track Changes, and add your own insights. I hope this can become a resource for the community.

Estate Planning Information Fill-In Form (attorney intake)

Texas Rules of Civil Procedure with Bookmarks and Hyperlinks (Version 1.1; 9/1/2016 Rules)

Texas Estates Code, Attorney's Electronic Edition (PDF Version)
Texas Estates Code, Attorney's Electronic Edition (HTML Version)

Texas Trust Code, Attorney's Electronic Edition (PDF Version)
Texas Trust Code, Attorney's Electronic Edition (HTML Version)

Note Regarding Estates and Trust Codes: I recommend the PDF versions, as they are better formatted, but the HTML versions may work better on tablets and phones.

Probate Case Checklists  (simple checklists I have put together for a probate case)

The Executor's Handbook (April 26, 2017 version)
Executor's Handbook (PDF version)
Executor's Handbook (WordPerfect version)
(The WordPerfect version is the one I merge with the applicable data file to create the end product which is printed and given to the client after the hearing. The PDF version is for more general use.)

Executor or Administrator's Checklist

Will Signing Ceremony Forms  (WordPerfect form files from which I generate a standard will signing ceremony. PDFs are included to show the codes, and generics are included.)

SS-4 Form with Attached Authorization - PDF
SS-4 Form with Attached Authorization (Decedent's Estate) - PDF

SS-4 Form with Attached Authorization (Decedent's Estate) - WordPerfect Form File
Form 56 - Notice of Fiduciary Relationship - WordPerfect Form File

Denton County Probate Forms (WordPerfect & PDF formats)

Common ALT Codes Reference

Motion and Order for In Camera Filing (from Arthur Geffen) (required in Denton County where a will has sensitive information)

10 Things Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys Wish Bankers Knew (from Don Totusek)

Creditors Issues - Insolvency and the Estate (paper given by Nathan Griffin at the DBA)

Show Cause in Probate and Guardianship Cases (from Kathy Roux)

Revision History of Estates Code, Attorney's Electronic Edition

Version 1.00, 11/13/14: Added Probate Code to Estates Code Conversion Table with hyperlinks.

Version 2.01, 8/21/15: removed deleted section that was left in, cleaned up some references
Version 3.4, 7/17/18:Fixed a typo in §256.53, corrected an early reference to Chapters 31-34..
Version 4 alpha, 8/18/19: Updated per statute changes; Streamlined somewhat by removing statutory history references, using Section symbols.
Version 4 beta, 8/19/19: Removed  statute changes vetoed by Governor, revised Table of Contents and index
Version 4.01, 10/24/19: Added some  index entries and corrections from Tom Fisher
Version 4.02, 1/13/20: Added some index entries from Tom Fisher, corrected Sec. 22.027 per Don Totusek.

Revision History of Trust Code, Attorney's Electronic Edition

Version 1.00, 8/9/17: First version of Trust Code, like the Estates Code (but without indices).
Version 1.1, 8/10/17: Fixed bookmarks, added an index.
Version 2, 8/18/19: Updated per statute changes.

    Old Versions

   Texas Estates Code, Attorney's Electronic Edition 2017
   Texas Trust Code, Attorney's Electronic Edition 2017
   Texas Estates Code, Attorney's Electronic Edition 2015
   Texas Estates Code, Attorney's Electronic Edition 2014
   Texas Probate Code, Attorneys' Electronic Edition 2011

Texas Business Organizations Code, Attorneys' Electronic Edition 2010

Revision History for BOC
   Version 1.00: November 29, 2010. Formatted and released BOC in format similar to Probate Code. No index, though.

Useful Texas Probate Resources for Attorneys

Texas Probate Site: Glenn Karisch
Articles, forms, and the Texas Probate List

Harris County Probate Courts: Judges Wright, Wood, Olsen, and Butts
Guardianship of the Person and Estate Handbook

Tarrant County Probate Courts: Judges Ponder and Allen
Ad Litem Manual and general probate guides and forms

Travis County Probate Site: Judge Herman
Many useful forms, checklists, and guides

Temporary Uploads
Anatomical Gift Declaration.pdf
Checklists - Probate Administration Case.pdf
Closing Report of Independent Executor.zip
Cohabitation Agreement Nonmarital.wpd
Cohabitation and Joint Ownership Agreement.wpd
Common Alt-Codes.pdf
Company Agreement.pdf
Deed - Personal Representative.pdf
Demand - Deceptive Trade Practices Act DTPA.pdf
Denton County - Certificate of Compliance.doc
Denton County - Certificate of Compliance.pdf
Direct Exam - Witness - Copy of Will.pdf
Estate Organizer Fill-In.pdf
Family Settlement Agreement - Alternate Form.doc
Family Settlement Agreement - Alternate Form.wpd
Family Settlement Agreement.doc
Family Settlement Agreement.pdf
Form SS-4 - Application Authorization.pdf
Legal Services Agreement - Estate Planning.pdf
Medical Power of Attorney - Jewish.pdf
Notice to Creditors - Permissive §308.054.pdf
Open Safe Deposit Box - Application.pdf
Open Safe Deposit Box - Order.pdf
Postnuptial Partition Agreement.frm
Postnuptial Partition Agreement.pdf
Probate - Application.pdf
Special Durable Power of Attorney for Real Estate.docx
Special Durable Power of Attorney for Real Estate.pdf
Waiver of De Novo Hearing.pdf
Waiver of Letters Testamentary.pdf
Will Execution Ceremony.pdf

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